Born Eva de Lera, and creating art as Eva718, I am a Barcelona-based mixed-media artist working across mediums. I began writing at an early age as a way to express and question the world around me, but my output extended beyond writing. My work has included video-art, photography, performance, conceptual design and music.

Currently, I’m focused on creating multi-dimensional artwork, in which I transform QR codes into Art, to give extra-sensorial dimensions to the Experiencer (hence calling it “QRt”).

I began my studies in creative writing, music and video in the 80s, studied music at the Aaron Copland School of Music and New York University, and graduated with a BA in Psychology from this University. I have an MA in Information Society from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and I’m currently working toward a PhD at on songwriting for kids at risk of exclusion (Universitat Rovira i Virgili – URV).

In 2016, I reclaimed my creative space and voice, and began developing the QRt concept, as the “pop” medium through which I share, integrating my multi-disciplinary background and experience. I also continue to work as an Innovation Advisor, another artform ;-)  Briefly:


  • Tilakka, the Experience Label Concept (Instructions). Conceptual Art Piece.
  • RESISTENCIA — 19 Miradas Exhibits
    • Galeria Chez Xefo, Barcelona, April 25th to May 23rd.
    • Sala NauArt, Barcelona, from October 18th to Nov 18th.


  • “The Passage”. QRt collaboration with Cuban-born composer and jazz pianist Omar Sosa – Inspired by the Greek poet, Sappho.
  • “Floating”. One of the 6 pieces of Word Strokes, 6 pieces that represent the 6 senses. Mirrors represents “smell”.
  • “Mirrors”. One of the 6 pieces of Word Strokes, 6 pieces that represent the 6 senses. Mirrors represents “sight”.
  • Arctic Cry” – Desàrtic exhibit collective.
    • Museu de Ciències Naturals de Granollers, La Tela
    • Espai d’Art Moritz, Barcelona
    • Centre Cívic Sagrada Família, Barcelona
  • WordStrokes“. Collection of 6 QRt pieces representing the senses.
  • “BarcelonaVoice”.


  • Public introduction of my QRt work.
    • Mímame”, created for Open Day Poblenou in collaboration with Ruslan Polusotsky . Galeria Chez Xefo, Barcelona.
    • Smiling-4-Change.org”, promoted the benefits of smiling (QRt embedded in t-shirt, a walk from the Bronx to Coney Island), New York.
    • Gave a voice to the “Coney Island Stories”, in collaboration with NY photographer, Valery Rizzo (Pin-up Girls, Splash, Warm Up), Galeria Chez Xefo, Barcelona.
    • El meu molí”, Estesia exhibit. La Farinera del Clot, Barcelona.
    • Arctic Cry”, created for Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” campaign. Centre Cívic Sagrada Família, Barcelona.


  • Reclaimed my creative space.
  • Composed and performed in Barcelona and New York the song “Meu Amor”, an a cappella song composed with the sea waves sounds and interpreted in sign language with help from the audience, to give voice and movement to the waves).


  • Published first music album “Brooklyn Nights” (includes “Sounds”, the first song about an internet romance, and “Barcelona”, a version of the Catalan song “El Cant dels Ocells”)
  • Became an advisor for individuals, companies and organizations.
  • Founded “MyFriendsHomes” (later Swaapping, a sharing economy venture).


  • Collaborated with video artist Eugenia Balcells (Williamsburg, NY)
  • Collaborated with film-maker David Blair (Loisaida, NY)
  • TV news documentalist/assistant editor at Television of Spain (NY)


  • Created first videoart works (uses toy camera to experiment with light).
  • Studied Film and TV at New York University.
  • Studied Scenic arts with Emily Gaunt.
  • Collaborated with Antoni Miralda (Honeymoon project)
  • Created Art-a-ride, planting the seed to help personalize wheelchairs to the fashion style of the user.
  • Created dance choreographies that integrated wheelchairs as disguised scenic elements interacting with dancers.

1983 – 1987

  • Explored through photography, writing, music, dance and theater. 
  • Studied video production at IDEP, Barcelona.
  • Collaborated with artists Antoni Muntadas and Antoni Miralda.