QRt (QR / Art)

  • The Passage, by Eva718 and Omar Sosa
  • Whispering
  • eva718art logo
  • El meu molí by Eva718 for the Estesia exhibit

QRt (QR/Art) is how I describe the fine art form which transforms something mundane from our digital culture (QR codes), into mixed-media artwork. QRt is the medium through which I share perceptions, experiences, feelings and emotions, with others.

By scanning the codes embedded in the artwork, I want to guide people into a more experiential world, while aesthetically and sensorially enveloping them. For a better experience, download the Tilakka App (includes text reader and mp3 player) 

FEATURED: Pin-Up Girls, in collaboration with photographer Valery Rizzo.

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Some of my work involves the participation of other artists, such as Brooklyn-based photographer Valery Rizzo (Coney Island Stories, i.e. Pin Up Girls), singer Antonio Puerto (the Andalusian voice of the “Arctic Cry (Soleá)“) and Cuban-born composer and jazz pianist Omar Sosa (i.e. The Passage).

Please contact me at eva718.art@gmail.com if you’re interested in exhibiting my work, collaborating or acquiring work for your home, office, building or special space or event.

I also create by project/request for brands, spaces and experience-thirsty occasions.