QRt (QR / Art)

  • Whispering
  • El meu molí by Eva718 for the Estesia exhibit
  • eva718art logo
  • The Passage, by Eva718 and Omar Sosa

In 2016 I began to use QR codes to augment experiences, adding another dimension to existing items and spaces. QRt (QR/Art) is how I describe the fine art form which transforms something mundane from our digital culture (QR codes), into mixed-media artwork. QRt is the medium through which I share perceptions, experiences, feelings, stories and emotions, with others.

By scanning the codes embedded in the artwork, I want people to enjoy an additional sensorial pause, a deeper visual and/or auditory experience as they dive into a photograph, graphic art or other forms.

In 2019, I introduced the “tilakka code” as concept art, a pdf instruction sheet on how to “create a tilakka“, a 45º spinned QR code that, when added to a product label, tag or sign, it would (with almost no added cost) create stronger and more authentic connections between makers and their fans. I wanted QRt to leave the gallery walls and invade all stores, spaces, products, family photographs, to feed people with behind the scenes stories, listening to the voices of their favorite artists, authors, sports players, designers, chefs, sommeliers, etc. I suggest audio “tilakkas” (to avoid redirecting attention, which video would do), yet text and video “tilakkas” work too! “Tilakkas” are meant to “flag” experiences, and help create stronger and more authentic bonds and connections.

For a better experience, download the Tilakka App, a QR reader that places text on a page, and shows a “play” button when there’s an mp3 audio file behind the “tilakka”. 

FEATURED: Pin-Up Girls, in collaboration with photographer Valery Rizzo.

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Some of my work involves the participation of other artists, such as Brooklyn-based photographer Valery Rizzo (Coney Island Stories, i.e. Pin Up Girls), singer Antonio Puerto (the Andalusian voice of the “Arctic Cry (Soleá)“) and Cuban-born composer and jazz pianist Omar Sosa (i.e. The Passage).

Please contact me at eva718.art@gmail.com if you’re interested in exhibiting my work, collaborating or acquiring work for your home, office, building or special space or event.

I also create by project/request for brands, spaces and experience-thirsty occasions.