QRt (QR / Art)


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QRt (QR/Art) is the fine art form I use to describe how I connect visual art with words and sounds, via QR codes. It is the medium through which I share perceptions, experiences, feelings and emotions, with others. By scanning the codes embedded in the artwork, and using a set of headphones, I want to guide people into a more experiential world, while aesthetically and sensorially enveloping them.

“Play” to experience (best with headphones):

As a QRtist, I enjoy collaborating with other artists, such as Brooklyn-based photographer Valery Rizzo (Coney Island Stories, i.e. Pin Up Girls), singer Antonio Puerto (the Andalusian voice of the “Arctic Cry (Soleá)“) and Cuban-born composer and jazz pianist Omar Sosa (i.e. The Passage).

When working with photography, I work by experiencing the photograph and turning that experience into a “voice“, extracting its essence, as I feel it. With abstract work, I first develop the concept (i.e. giving voice to the sadness of the Arctic Sea and turning it into a cry, like the one we hear in flamenco “Soleás”) and I then try and serve as the “medium” for that “being”. I often begin by writing, then creating the sound or story track, and later the visual art – the window or channel through which I try and captivate the viewer’s attention. When collaborating with composers, I add the “voice” layers to the soundtrack the artist has created for the specific QRt. I want to have the person flow through the QRt experience, hypnotically sensing the visual art, while intimately connecting with its essence, through the sounds and/or story track (headphones recommended for augmenting sensations).

Some of my artwork is printed in high quality digital Fine Art paper and sold as limited series in different sizes. And other artwork is created with different materials and sometimes involve other manipulations, creating unique pieces.

Each work is signed by the artists involved, sold with a certificate of authenticity, and a back-up mp3 file.

Please contact me at eva718.art@gmail.com if you’re interested in exhibiting my work, collaborating or acquiring work for your home, office, building or special space or event.