QRt Work


Through the QRt work, I try to offer a unique experience, embedding QR codes in images, objects or spaces, to augment the experience of the experiencer (viewer or participant) by providing an auditory layer or dimension that usually consists of a related story/text, and an accompanying soundtrack. I feel as if the images or moments express through me, and I’m just the medium through which these share.

Rencent projects:

Arctic Cry (Soleá) (created to contribute to Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” campaign)

Arctic Cry (Soleá) was created with the participation of “cantaor” Antonio Puerto, using a photograph by Juan Kratzmaier and Sound Jay tracks. This piece was created with the sole objective to try and give voice to one of the Arctic’s latest thoughts.

Si tu me pudieras oir
Si tu sintieras mi llanto
No me dejarías morir

If you could hear me
If you could feel my cry
You would not let me die

El Meu Molí (Estesia Collective at La Farinera del Clot, in Barcelona)

“El meu molí” is a storytrack (in Catalan language) inspired by the works of the Estesia Collective for this show, into which I also wanted to integrate and bring-to-life the origins of La Farinera del Clot (an XI Century water mill). In it, I embody the woman that worked on the mill’s small room through which the sun found its way in…).

Coney Island Memories (Photographer Valery Rizzo and I collaborated in the Erotika!3 exhibit at Chez Xefo, in Barcelona)

Inspired by her Coney Island’s photographs, I created three storytracks to accompany them (Pin-Up Girls, Splash and Warm Up). The end result is a high quality photographic print (limited edition) in which the QR code is integrated and used as a design element, creating a different piece of artwork.

Smiling4Change (5-day walk from the Bronx to Coney Island to spread and share the benefits of smiling, even when faking it!)

Mímame (tracks by Ruslan Polusotsky, presented during the OpenDay17-Poblenou Urban District exhibit at ChezChefo)