Selected work:

WhisperingWhispering, “live” wall art piece. The visual art remains constant while the experience behind it changes over time. Eva718 whispers, shares, a few times per week, may be less often if lack of access to the internet keeps her away from sharing new sounds. “Whispering” will go silent only when life takes its natural course. At that moment, it will return to being a one-dimensional work, with history in its soul. 


XefoGalleryConey Island Stories. Collaboration with photographer Valery Rizzo, Sala Xefo, Barcelona.

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Arctic Cry (Soleá) Created as a contribution to Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” campaign, with the participation of “cantaor” Antonio Puerto, includes live heart and whale sounds by Sound Jay.

The Passage Collaboration with Cuban-born composer and jazz pianist Omar Sosa, inspired by the Greek poet, Sappho.

Mímame Collaboration with Ruslan Polusotsky, exhibited at OpenDay17-Poblenou Urban District, Sala Chefo, Barcelona.

Word Strokes Collection of 6 art pieces exploring the senses, painting with words, intensifying sensorial experiences through sight and sound.

Floating (representing smell) and Mirrors (representing sight):

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